Our Products

Dedicated handle on the platform
Dedicated Chatbot on the platform
Dedicated QnA topics URLs to share with customers
Hassle free integration into website with 2 lines of code
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What is QnABot ?
QnAbot is an AI-Powered Central QnA platform.
It helps to consolidate QnA at one place and train them for Natural Language using Machine-Learning. It converts dead QnA into AI-Powered interactive knowledge base.

It enables customers to see what questions are being asked but not available in their QnA.
What else ?
1) AI-Powered CHATBOT out of the box to each account, which can be integrate into any website or can work independently.
2) Social accounts integration, it means you know more about your customers.
3) Track IP location of the users.

What is NotBot ?

NotBot is a simple SAS based Notify-and-Track system using Facebook messenger.
Publisher can invite people on the platform and set notification to them which are delivered to them via Facebook Messenger.

Subscriber can response to the simple questions in the notification and answers will be stored and can be analysed further.
NotBot is a simple and elegant solutions.

Our Services

Advance Technology

Machine Learning - Data Modeling

  • • Recommendation Engine
  • • Predictive Modeling
  • • Object Detection
  • • Image Classification
  • • Anomaly Detection
  • • Classification Modeling
  • • Reinforcement Learning
  • • Social Media Trends
  • • Intelligent Trained API
    Technology Expertize
  • • Python
  • • Tensor Flow
  • • Keras
  • • Apache Spark
  • • Hive
  • • Azure ml

Offshore Development Center

Offshore Development Setup (in India)

  • • Infrastructure Setup For (ODC)
  • • Legal Support
  • • Resources Hiring & onboarding
  • • Capacity building for domain & technical expertise
  • • Execution - aligned with cmpany goals
  • • Scale-out Scale-in
  • • Operations / Handover
    Technology Expertize
  • • Development Center
  • • Testing Center
  • • DevOps Practices
  • • Support Center
  • • Back Office
  • • Activities (Technical Writing, UX Design etc.)

Application Development

App Development

  • • Responsive WebApp Development
  • • Mobile App Development
  • • E-Commerce Market Places
  • • Social Media Integration
  • • CMS - Wordpress, Joomla etc.
  • • Database Development
    Technology Expertize
  • • Microsoft dotnet Stack
  • • Angular JS
  • • TypeScript
  • • Hybrid Mobile App
  • • HTML5
  • • REST API
  • • MS SQL Server
  • • Mongo DB
  • • Oracle DB

Consulting Services

Technology - Technical Consulting

  • • Cloud Migration MS Azure & AWS
  • • Resources Hiring & onboarding
  • • CI CD (Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment) setup Specialized in VSTS (Visual studio Team Services) Git, etc.
  • • Solutioning
  • • Troubleshoot
  • • Bottleneck Analysis
    Technology Expertize
  • • Microsoft Azure
  • • AWS
  • • VSTS
  • • Git
  • • Bit Bucket

About AInetix

AInetix is established with one belief, AI and smart solution and cutting edge technology will take over soon and there has to be a better way to support businesses to sail it through.
That where we come into the picture. Your AI Partner .
We are one of the first in line who understand the impact and importance of Artificial Intelligence in Business.
We committed to provide one stop solution to all AI-Powered needs and make existing system/applications smart and AI ready.
We help our customer to build next generation AI-Powered applications.

AI-Powered Products
AI-Powered Apps
Technology Consulting
Predictive AInalysis

AInetix Overview


AI-Powered Apps
and Consulting

We are supporting travel and healthcare domain to build smart and AI-Powered app.
We are developing chatbots using api.ai, wit.ai..... For various platforms like Messenger, Slack, Skype...

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Skype

  • Slack

  • Kik

  • Telegram

We offer service to have a second eye on your work to improve your product and services on technologies ground.
We are available to build a custom solution , evaluate various technologies.
Help customer to choose the right tools and technologies for various projects and apps.


Predictive analysis using Microsoft Azure Machine learning platform and others.

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